Tuesday, 14 July 2009

it's my birthday!!!

1) my lovely sisters...

2) my birthday cupcakes!!!

3) BBQ time!!!

4) pretend to be kids!!! wakkaka:p

i've received a lot of message from my friends!! thanks guys for the wishes.. I'm really appreciate it.. seriously... even though we far away..i hope that our friendship will lasts till the end of life.. amin.."one year older, more wiser , more sexier" wakkakaka:p

okay. . okay.. back to the story... they make a surprise birthday party for me!! the specific date is...
on 11th july 2009..i can't smell any of their planning... luckily on that day itself..i've take my shower earlier and wearing nice clothes.. if not maybe in this pictures I'm wearing my "baju kelawar"!!! anyway thanks to rina, rinee , yaya, hayat, andrie, afique and nadzreen!! thanks for the surprises!! and thanks to kak wati, abg eddy and their children..kak riza and anna..that come on that day!!

p/s : this is not my plan.. I'm just a follower..huhuu:p

Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Hairstyle<3!!

a) My hair before....

b) After the cut!!!!

For the first time in my life!!!! i cut my hair toooooo short!! uuuuwaaaahhh:p am missed my long hair already... actually its happen two weeks ago.. but then i 've uploaded it in facebook first.. about the comments:----> it depends!! some says i'm look younger..some say its not suit me!! what is past ...let it be... coz i've cut it..no regret!! just wait for my hair grown slowly...*sigh*