Sunday, 15 February 2009

starbuckzation group..well done girls!!

-picture above (From left : cherry, me, annie, jane and serry)

location: boots library, nottingham trent university

i've done the presentation....i can do it!!! huuh:p our group answering the question with 100% confident!!!! from the panel and the main thing is focus!!......eventhough the question it's like "M-16"-the panel keep asking till you can't answer the question... uwaahhh:p at last!! but our group can manage it!!! well done girls!!! it such an honored to work with all of you!! I'm the only one malaysian.. and the others are from china... they such a hardworking group... i upload all the pic of me and the group..ahhhh!!! not forgotten all my classmates that present following the group.

1) 2 hours before the presentation

2) I'm presenting my part "competitive rivalry"

3) my group presentation "starbuckziation"

4) GAP fashion..

5) McDonalds

6) FORD cars

7) Marks and Spencer

8) Experian consultant company

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scene : in the Library .."ACTION!!!"

I'm taking this picture in the boots library, Nottingham Trent University... This one whole week, I'm at the library preparing for my group presentation slide... look at my face react within the hours.... and almost every day I've done the same thing..!!

this is a part of compulsory things that I've bought everyday....
actually labtop, handphone, wallet are also important!!!

10-12 am: concentrated

12-2pm: still concentrated!!!

2-4pm: feels a little bit of headache..(pandang siling library..) brain imagination world.---ahhhh.. feel like the birds flying follow the path of light!!

4-6pm - back to work!!! this time have to focus!! focus babe!!

6-8pm- can't do the journal reading anymore...!! otakku mereng sudah!!! wakakakak:p

actually the presentation of strategic management is in 13 February 2009!! pray for me guys!! I'm seriously nervous!!! i really need your strength right now!! uuwaahhh:p

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

i've lost my touched!!

finals degree artwork with the designer ,- that's me!! that's me!!-

uuuwwaaahhhh......What a sad story of this!! i lost my touched of art!! i miss my art artwork... my imaginative world or prefer to call second world of mind that i created.... Since, i entered the business world class i miss all those day... that makes me dizzy and always lack of ideas in designing textiles..wakakkaka:p but then, it was the best moment that i've had!!

The day before yesterday, i've done something..previously, is just a simple thing for me... i helped my friend to created a BIRTHDAY card for his sister..then..when i make the card with my own way.. i feel regret!! for not continuing studies in the course that i desired most!! -biler pikir blk...budak kecik pun leh wat camnie!!!- it's just ashamed, if people know that i'm graduated in art school UITM, Shah Alam..but the result at the's like "hampeh" jer....!! you can see the different of my artwork .. present and past... lain kan..kan..kan!!

past....-early 2008-now......??-febuary,2009-sebenarnyer malu nk tunjuk..but..nak wat camner...this is the result when your hand it's not used to the art equipment anymore....huhuhuh:p (mcm buruk jer kan!!)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

new spectacles!!!

it's blurry!!! I'm not sure... is it A... or B... let me try again.. i think it's A... it's A!!! yay!! i got the answer right... but kind of slow.... am i short-sighted? don't say it happen again!!!

previously....I'm wearing specs.. but not regularly... looks like I'm such obstinate girl!!! but it depends what type of situation that I'm facing!!! In this case.. yes!!! I'm kind of hate specs so much...coz it makes me looks horrible... maybe my previous specs doesn't fit my face!!!... but then...i love my new specs!! such a lovely design!! and it's brown.... heheheh:p 

All my sister bought it one... so it's fair... if one have specs... all must have it!! it's just like 3 MUSKETEER.. "all for one.. and one for all"...hah!! one more thing .. i love the way they make a eye test(optician in uk).. good service... they're very particular with... so if you're not long@short sighted.. they don't prefer you to wear specs.. it's good right!! so i present you... our faces when wearing the specs!!! taaaaadaaaa..... what do you think?

Friday, 6 February 2009

3R± NOTTINGHAM±it's snowing!!!

yay!! it's snowing!!! let go out and play sis!!!! we have to take the chance.. i don't think so after this we can have snow again in notts!! grab it babe!! 

ooowhh yea... the weather in notts is unpredictable... following the forecast it's shows that it will be interval between sunny day and snow.. uuurggghhhh!!! hectic weather... but we have to used with it.

If u guys wanna know I'm the one who make the bottom snowman!! credit for me...... many thanks!! miss the snow again!!! hoping it will snowing again in notts..amin..amin...

*thinking about the snowman=future?..who? * wait and see.... the day will come...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

masak lemak cili api!!!

what!!! 12 noon!!! i'm late for make a dish for today... actually someone will come to my house and i'll cook for her... uuuwaaahhh:p forget to introduce the girl... her name is wanie.. wahh my thought were fly back home!! miss her damn much!!! my bff!!! they have a same name....ahahaha:p

Hence, I feel wanna cry at first but then... luckily my sister(rina) doesn't have class in the afternoon.. she helps me a lot... the books that i scatter last night for completing my assignment.. she puts in order at the shelves.. my house was so clean and back to normal... thanks rina!!! then my 2nd sister arrived home early... thank god! i have a personal assistant in the kitchen... so we go for it...huhuh:p cooking and cooking...and the result it's TAAAADAAAA!!! ikan masak lemak cili api!! i made it!!!  

*love both of u!!!... if not because of them....i don't think so... i would made it on time!!! 

boys before flowers!! haaa... cute kim bum..!!

wednesday- 4/2/2009, i've just watched Boys Before Flowers episode 10 in Actually it has 24 episode but right now they only release 10 of it.. and they will update the website every monday. This drama makes me can't hardly wait for the next episode...!!! such a great drama. u should see it!! it's spectacular amazing!!!

Description of the drama is Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry-cleaning shop that is located near the luxurious and well-known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four most richest and spoiled boys when she delivers laundry to the school one day. The boys are known as the F4 and cause trouble to those who speak out against them the drama very similar to Meteor Garden(Taiwanese) and Hana Yori Dongo(japan).

I prefer the korea version!! the reason of it... of course CUTE GUYS!!!! wakakakak:p especially kim bum... important thing he is "cancerians" !! the same star sign with me!!! no wonder he is so cute!!!! He played as So Yi Jung in this drama... love him so much!!! this is his profile:

Name: kim bum
Real name: kim sang bum
Profession: actor
Birthdate: 7 july 1989
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Star sign: Cancer

p/s : to all readers especially the fanatic korean bum is mine...LOL!!!! aiyaaa!! he is younger than!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

what types of woman are you?

tuesday-3/2/2009, I'm so bored today... after sending my sister to university and buy some books from the blackwell bookstore... my brain were stuck!!! don't know what to do next!!! what a pathetic... wanna complete my report but the mood wasn't there... so i just click in google and find this!! it's so interesting... what types of woman are you... ? perhaps this will help you up... sorry if find it in bahasa. MINE? I'm "cancerians".. so u know the answer right? 


Wanita tanah dilahirkan di bawah zodiak

Taurus(21 April-20Mei),

Virgo(24Ogos-23 September) dan

Capricon (22 Disember-20 Januari).

*seorang yang boleh dijangka,berwibawa dan praktikal. *Penyabar 
dan bertolak ansur,mempunyai kehendak dalaman dari segi emosi dan material.

*Semangat produktif dan gigih yang disertai dengan siksp berhati-hati menjadikan wanita tanah berkemampuan mencapai kejayaan dalam perniagaan.

*Kebijaksanaan dan kepintaran yang diperolehi sering tersembunyi oleh air muka semulajadi yang pendiam dan tenang.

*Sifat marah yang terkawal serta keperluan untuk keteguhan dan kawalan sering terbawa-bawa dalam perhubungan yang amat konservatif,serius 
dan sederhana.

*Tidak mudah menunjukkan sifat penyayang tetapi wanita tanah adalah seorang kekasih yang setia dan berwibawa.


Wanita api dilahirkan di bawah lambang

Aries(21 Mac-20 April),

Leo(24 Julai-23 Ogos) dan

Sagittarius(23 November-21 Disember).

*Dilahirkan sebagai pemimpin 
*Mempunyai kekuatan diri dan biasanya enggan menerima pendapat orang lain walaupun ianya benar.

*Seorang yang artistik dan sukar dijangka,tetapi biasanya romantis dan tidak pemalu.

*Mempunyai personaliti suka menguasai dan mendominasi tetapi boleh mengimbangi sifat-sifat ini dengan sikap yang pemurah,mesra dan 
menunjukkan sifat yang mendalam terhadap sesuatu yang disukainya.

*Suka berterus terang dan tidak berselindung menyebabkan orang yang dikasihi mersa sedih dan terhiris.

*Jujur dan mahu hubungan peribadi berjalan dengan lancar.Wanita api harus diberikan ruang yang cukup luas untuk menjadikan perhubungan itu terus berkesan. Tidak keberatan untuk beralih arah jika berasa tertekan.


Mereka ini lahir di bawah lambang

Gemini(22 Mei-21 Jun),

Libra(24 September-23 Oktober) dan

Aquarius(21 Januari-19 Februari).

*Berterus terang,berminda aktif dan gemar mencari kepelbagaian dalam setiap aspek kehidupan.

*Berfikiran terbuka,mempunyai daya imaginasi dan inovatif,bagi mereka segalanya boleh dicapai.

*Bergaya,tenang dan tidak cerewet serta mempunyai keinginan semulajadi untuk mengamalkan sikap diplomasi dan saling bekerjasama bersungguh-sungguh.

*Sanggup mengorbankan kehendak atau idea mereka sendiri demi mencapai keharmonian dan mengelakkan perselisihan atau konflik.

*sentiasa gigih untuk mendapatkan cinta yang terunggul,untuk berkonfrantasi.

*Kurang cenderung untuk menyampaikan perasaan sebenar yang terpendam dalam hati mereka.

*Dikenali dan diingati kerana sifat romantis dan manja.


Wanita air terdiri daripada mereka yang lahir di bawah zodiak 
Cancer(22 Jun-23 Julai),

Scorpio (24 Oktober-22 November) dan

Pisces(20 Februari-20 Mac).

*Mempunyai sifat semulajadi untuk berkembang maju.

*Mereka ini dipandu oleh perasaan hati dan mempunyai sifat mudah bersimpati,berdaya imaginatif,sentimental,mempunyai perasaan yang 
berubah-ubah dan berhati-hati.

*Tenang dan mudah tersentuh oleh emosi orang-orang yang berada disekeliling dan cepat mengeluarkan air mata dalam sebarang situasi yang menyedihkan.

*Mudah mengikut rentak emosi orang lain dan juga diri sendiri.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Manchester, Dec 2008

Actually it was happen in the end of the december 2008... actually, I'm not into Manchester United so much previously... but then it happens on world cup 2006.. all my guys friends always call me and invite me to watch football match at "mamak stall".. start on the year...i study about football!! how they played... how they get the score... penalty.. how much the player...  free-kick .. and etc..etc.. after that i've managed to pick some football team that i like... for premier league i picked Manchester United(MU)..glory MU!!

back to the story again... when I'm arrived at UK.. and internet were just set-up for us... first thing i do is applying a membership card for MU...  wakakakaka:p what a spirit of football !!! one of the destination place that i wanna go is Old Trafford, manchester... huhuhu:p
with god's will... i safely arrived at manchester...with the breezy weather.. i go for it!!!  buying a jersey and snap picture (of course for a traveller).. wakakak:p before this i just see it on TV but now..i see it on a pair of naked eyes... such an unbelievable ...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hari Raya Aidiladha 2008

sorry again because I'm too busy with my assignments and reports... just updating the blog today.. 
so many things that i want to tell u guys... it seems that i don't have so much time here.....a bunch of sorry again!!! heheheh:p

even we're so far away... our good memories back home will always remain in our hearts...I'm miss "MALAYSIA" dammed much!! i don't know what happen to me... it's this call HOMESICK? perhaps nope!! uuuwaahhh:p ....our deepest gratitude to our beloved mother who recorded this video especially for us!!!.. although.. it was raining before that!!! we love you so much mom!! you all can see how the person announced our name.. anyway such a good work.. at least he doing his best... pronounce our names correctly.. go pakcik!!!! as my father say: "lovely name for a lovely people!!"

actually our names is :-
1) erni dekritawati yuliana bt.buhari
2) erwan suwari ridzuwan b. buhari
3) md. erwan nasri b. buhari
4) erni erinawati sofia bt.buhari
5) erni rineelawati bt.buhari
6) siti nur fatimah bt.buhari

p/s : so for all my friends... practise how to pronounce our name correctly ok.. "practice makes perfect!!" 

good luck!!!!