Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hari Raya Aidiladha 2008

sorry again because I'm too busy with my assignments and reports... just updating the blog today.. 
so many things that i want to tell u guys... it seems that i don't have so much time here.....a bunch of sorry again!!! heheheh:p

even we're so far away... our good memories back home will always remain in our hearts...I'm miss "MALAYSIA" dammed much!! i don't know what happen to me... it's this call HOMESICK? perhaps nope!! uuuwaahhh:p ....our deepest gratitude to our beloved mother who recorded this video especially for us!!!.. although.. it was raining before that!!! we love you so much mom!! you all can see how the person announced our name.. anyway such a good work.. at least he doing his best... pronounce our names correctly.. go pakcik!!!! as my father say: "lovely name for a lovely people!!"

actually our names is :-
1) erni dekritawati yuliana bt.buhari
2) erwan suwari ridzuwan b. buhari
3) md. erwan nasri b. buhari
4) erni erinawati sofia bt.buhari
5) erni rineelawati bt.buhari
6) siti nur fatimah bt.buhari

p/s : so for all my friends... practise how to pronounce our name correctly ok.. "practice makes perfect!!" 

good luck!!!!


erni rineelawati buhari said...

totally agree!!
lovely people usually got lovely names!

ernidyuliana said...

yup2!! that's why we all so lovely and have been blessed by god...huuhu:p alhamdulillah.. one more thing..hard to find the same names it seems like (1 out of 100) the names are special created only for us... so proud of it sis!!