Monday, 2 February 2009

Manchester, Dec 2008

Actually it was happen in the end of the december 2008... actually, I'm not into Manchester United so much previously... but then it happens on world cup 2006.. all my guys friends always call me and invite me to watch football match at "mamak stall".. start on the year...i study about football!! how they played... how they get the score... penalty.. how much the player...  free-kick .. and etc..etc.. after that i've managed to pick some football team that i like... for premier league i picked Manchester United(MU)..glory MU!!

back to the story again... when I'm arrived at UK.. and internet were just set-up for us... first thing i do is applying a membership card for MU...  wakakakaka:p what a spirit of football !!! one of the destination place that i wanna go is Old Trafford, manchester... huhuhu:p
with god's will... i safely arrived at manchester...with the breezy weather.. i go for it!!!  buying a jersey and snap picture (of course for a traveller).. wakakak:p before this i just see it on TV but now..i see it on a pair of naked eyes... such an unbelievable ...

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