Sunday, 8 February 2009

new spectacles!!!

it's blurry!!! I'm not sure... is it A... or B... let me try again.. i think it's A... it's A!!! yay!! i got the answer right... but kind of slow.... am i short-sighted? don't say it happen again!!!

previously....I'm wearing specs.. but not regularly... looks like I'm such obstinate girl!!! but it depends what type of situation that I'm facing!!! In this case.. yes!!! I'm kind of hate specs so much...coz it makes me looks horrible... maybe my previous specs doesn't fit my face!!!... but then...i love my new specs!! such a lovely design!! and it's brown.... heheheh:p 

All my sister bought it one... so it's fair... if one have specs... all must have it!! it's just like 3 MUSKETEER.. "all for one.. and one for all"...hah!! one more thing .. i love the way they make a eye test(optician in uk).. good service... they're very particular with... so if you're not long@short sighted.. they don't prefer you to wear specs.. it's good right!! so i present you... our faces when wearing the specs!!! taaaaadaaaa..... what do you think?


erni rineelawati buhari said...

wui!nk gmbr dia je lawa!pirak!

aizat said...

nice spec
he3! i bru je tukar spec.. kinda style cam ni frame he3!

btw sori bout the komen box
a'ah cuz bende itam2 tuh
tuh yg x nmpak he3!
tp i dah change setting dah
so now dah leh komen

pe ag komen ler k

mommysarah said...

wah...ala2 u allz...bergegar satu Notts..akakakakaka

ernidyuliana said...

rinee: eleh jeles lar tue.... gmbr u dlm blog pun yg lawa jer kan!! wakakakak:p uuwwweekk!! my blog my decision ok!! sorry sis!!!

aizat: yer ker? cute kan!! lama ok i cari my own specs... 2 hours time lar gak!! the important thing i'm not regret!!! wakakakak:p

k.faizah: gitew!! gegaran anda diterima!!! wakakak:p ok x? kena x ngan muka rita kak?

mommysarah said...

sangat de kenez u the way Khamis ngan Jumaat nie diarang pasang Nottingham Eye kat CT. Jom kiter bergambar kat sana....!!!

ernidyuliana said...

dr mana akak tahu nie? cepat jer..very duh internet!! wakakakak:p
u mean nottingham eye yg mcm london eye tue ker? kul brape tue? takut gak sbb ari tuh rita ader presentation!! takut nie..pas tue..leh lar jln2..huhuhuh:p

mommysarah said...

Sorry dear, late reply. Starting from Today dear (12-2-09). Selalu-selalu lah go through What's On Nottingham online. :) By the way, ada presentation ke? all the best key