Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scene : in the Library .."ACTION!!!"

I'm taking this picture in the boots library, Nottingham Trent University... This one whole week, I'm at the library preparing for my group presentation slide... look at my face react within the hours.... and almost every day I've done the same thing..!!

this is a part of compulsory things that I've bought everyday....
actually labtop, handphone, wallet are also important!!!

10-12 am: concentrated

12-2pm: still concentrated!!!

2-4pm: feels a little bit of headache..(pandang siling library..) brain imagination world.---ahhhh.. feel like the birds flying follow the path of light!!

4-6pm - back to work!!! this time have to focus!! focus babe!!

6-8pm- can't do the journal reading anymore...!! otakku mereng sudah!!! wakakakak:p

actually the presentation of strategic management is in 13 February 2009!! pray for me guys!! I'm seriously nervous!!! i really need your strength right now!! uuwaahhh:p


Adam Arjuna said...

go girl..
i know u can do it.. and i know, dat u know u can do it...


aizat said...

oooo camtuh ek upe nye time jd mereng
he3! bc journal ker on9 huhuhuhu

ernidyuliana said...

adam arjuna: wah!! thanks dear friend!! x kusangka!! sampai bertepuk2 segala!! wakakakak:p

aizat: baca journal lar...mana leh on9 ..nnti group member marah ok!!! wahhh!! ader org x percaya kat i lar...sedey nie!!!

mommysarah said...

busy pun sempat ambik gambar lg tu...kuang kuang kuang