Friday, 6 February 2009

3R± NOTTINGHAM±it's snowing!!!

yay!! it's snowing!!! let go out and play sis!!!! we have to take the chance.. i don't think so after this we can have snow again in notts!! grab it babe!! 

ooowhh yea... the weather in notts is unpredictable... following the forecast it's shows that it will be interval between sunny day and snow.. uuurggghhhh!!! hectic weather... but we have to used with it.

If u guys wanna know I'm the one who make the bottom snowman!! credit for me...... many thanks!! miss the snow again!!! hoping it will snowing again in notts..amin..amin...

*thinking about the snowman=future?..who? * wait and see.... the day will come...


aizat said...

waaaa besh syial men snow..
kim post snow kt malaysia ni

ernidyuliana said...

mmg besh!! akhirnyer dpt gak raser!! wakakaka:p
nk post...sampai sana jadi air wat per?
better u dtg sini main2 lagi best!!!

mommysarah said...

giler sakit kan kena baling...!! i tension betul ngan abg nazrin. he keep on bullying me....:(

ernidyuliana said...

alar kak!! biler lagi dier nk bully kekasih hati sendiri...
klu dier bully org lain..akak jeles kan!! waakakakaka:p

mommysarah said...

amboi2...kenakan i yek

ernidyuliana said...

bukan kenakan akak lar...i cuma ckp hal yg betul jer...huhuhuh:p x gitew akak!!