Wednesday, 11 February 2009

i've lost my touched!!

finals degree artwork with the designer ,- that's me!! that's me!!-

uuuwwaaahhhh......What a sad story of this!! i lost my touched of art!! i miss my art artwork... my imaginative world or prefer to call second world of mind that i created.... Since, i entered the business world class i miss all those day... that makes me dizzy and always lack of ideas in designing textiles..wakakkaka:p but then, it was the best moment that i've had!!

The day before yesterday, i've done something..previously, is just a simple thing for me... i helped my friend to created a BIRTHDAY card for his sister..then..when i make the card with my own way.. i feel regret!! for not continuing studies in the course that i desired most!! -biler pikir blk...budak kecik pun leh wat camnie!!!- it's just ashamed, if people know that i'm graduated in art school UITM, Shah Alam..but the result at the's like "hampeh" jer....!! you can see the different of my artwork .. present and past... lain kan..kan..kan!!

past....-early 2008-now......??-febuary,2009-sebenarnyer malu nk tunjuk..but..nak wat camner...this is the result when your hand it's not used to the art equipment anymore....huhuhuh:p (mcm buruk jer kan!!)


Adam Arjuna said...

rita, i nye blog ni xde function follower..saja tak letak.. so tak leh jd follwer blog ni..hehe.. tp u still leh jd pmbaca gaks..ahaks..

btw, how u doing there so far..??

aizat said...

ha3! cian nyer dah lost dier nyer magik touch hehehe
pe ag g ler mengasah nyer

p canting batik kt luar umah tuh
sure neighbour sume terkejut n admire malaysian heritage ...

promote batik malaysia ler pulak

mommysarah said...

nice art you have...takpe, bakat boleh di asah..betul tak? asah tajam2 tau... ;)

ernidyuliana said...

mali : wakakakka:p patutlah i cari2 xder...penat tau!! dok belek2 ur blog!! jgn risau lar i will be ur fanatic fan blog!! wakakaka:p

i sihat jer!! makin bum..bum..(tembam)!! uuuwaahhh:p

ernidyuliana said...

aizat: magic touch sudah hilang!! benci2!! tuelah mmg ingat nk wat camtue pun...cumer xder maser jer...
sabar aku ku harumkan nama negara ku!! cita2 tggi tue!! wakakakak:p

k.faizah: mana ader kak su... xcantik tau!! cam hampeh gak arr!!!
pasnie bkn nk asah bakat jer..asah pisau kat umah nie skali!! wakakaka:p