Sunday, 15 February 2009

starbuckzation group..well done girls!!

-picture above (From left : cherry, me, annie, jane and serry)

location: boots library, nottingham trent university

i've done the presentation....i can do it!!! huuh:p our group answering the question with 100% confident!!!! from the panel and the main thing is focus!!......eventhough the question it's like "M-16"-the panel keep asking till you can't answer the question... uwaahhh:p at last!! but our group can manage it!!! well done girls!!! it such an honored to work with all of you!! I'm the only one malaysian.. and the others are from china... they such a hardworking group... i upload all the pic of me and the group..ahhhh!!! not forgotten all my classmates that present following the group.

1) 2 hours before the presentation

2) I'm presenting my part "competitive rivalry"

3) my group presentation "starbuckziation"

4) GAP fashion..

5) McDonalds

6) FORD cars

7) Marks and Spencer

8) Experian consultant company


jaja said... gler notts students..!!

mommysarah said...

lega tak? mesti lega giler kan...