Friday, 20 March 2009

Feast at Burford road

The idea came from our beloved neighbourhood kak wati. Even though our house not so big but the planning was very successful!!  of course on that day I'm not in the homesick mode!! ahahaha:p ... just for the day ...  we invite malaysians and have malaysians food.. such an ease.. seriously!!!!

my assistant -  rinee (lil sister)

we've cooked: 1) nasi minyak

 2) ayam masak merah & daging masak kurma 
 4) dalca- I'm stirring it

 5) desert- triffle
 6) karipap (thanks to abg nazri)
 7) chocolate pudding

*people that turn-up for the day!!

guitar hero time!!

*me and baby iqram(son of abg mazrul)

p/s: to our guest, sorry if we didn't give a good attention to you guys... sorry for everything and hopefully you all enjoyed it!! before i end of this story... the feast actually early of march.. but i'm to busy with my reports so..i just update it today...

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mommysarah said...

aper ape...really enjoy it...thanks to you guys...